Mom Teaches Her Three Girls Spanish

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Whether you're a mother like I am, a grandparent, an educator or just a person who loves languages, please visit my site. It's all about teaching my three daughters Spanish and our journey to create a bilingual household. Our blog provides tips and links to resources for others who are trying to learn Spanish or teach their children Spanish.


Girl Mittens

It’s only February, but already my kids have lost their gloves. Not only the ones I bought for them this year, but their gloves from last year too, as well as all the mismatched pairs of mittens I’ve dug out of the basement for them and the gloves they “borrowed” from the school’s lost and found.


Girls on the Run!

Molly Barker, MSW and four-time Hawaii Ironman triathlete dreams big. Mother of two and founder of Girls on the Run, Molly has brought to life her dream of empowering girls and helping them see themselves in a whole new light.