“Mom, I’m Bored” Jar

Are you tired of hearing “Mom, I’m bored?” from your child?
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Here is a great suggestion.  Come up with a list of about 15 chores and a list of about 10 fun activities and cut them into strips and put them in a jar.  Every time you hear those two dreadful words “I’m bored” the child has to grab a strip of paper and do whatever the paper says. If the paper says, “go out and grab an ice cream cone” then you have to go take the child to get an ice cream cone. Conversely, if the paper says, “go clean the toilet,” then the child will go clean the toilet. Your child will start making a mental calculation if whether pulling on your leg and/or moping around the house  declaring, “I’M BORED” is worth saying! Remember to be consistent and do WHATEVER the paper says when they pull it from the jar!

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