May Fun

Hopefully we will see the sun a bit more this month because we have some fun stuff planned!
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May is Bike Month!

Family Fun has some great ideas for making biking fun for the whole family.

Safe Kids U.S.A gives a great explanation on how a helmet should fit.  This one is for me, more often than not my little ones helmets are sloshing around their head.  I know, bad parenting!

Celebrate May Day with these great ideas from Skip To My Lou.  Any holiday that centers around flowers is my favorite!

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Recommended for You

Let’s Explore’sMay Book List is phenomenal.

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I also love her simple, but oh so fun ways to play.  May’s list is coming soon!

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And let us not forget Memorial Day.  If you have the traditional BBQ planned Tip Junkiehas fabulous décor that I had never considered.

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January Fun

The dreaded months of Winter! or are they? I am enjoying winter months a bit more these days.

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Scales and Tails Party Fun

My little ones, all 4 of them, are obsessed with animals.

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10 Summer Fun Ideas for Kids at Home

Here are some of our entertaining ideas for free and inexpensive fun to be had right at home!


The Editor’s May Favorites

May was a great month. I will be sad to see it go. Here are a few of the online goodies that caught my eye this month.


Weekly Perspectives Round Up: Get Ready for May

Here we go, kids. Tomorrow it will be May - the bridge month between the school year and summer time, the (hopefully) last month that you’ll even have to consider dragging a sweater along, “just in case”.

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The Children’s Theatre- Busytown

Five years ago when we started Utah Mama and came across The Children’s Theatre my heart leapt.

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Manchester Fun in the Sun

The City of Manchester, NH provides a free summer day camp, Fun in the Sun, for children ages 6-12.