Mandarin Immersion in the East Bay Public Schools?

While San Francisco has a thriving Mandarin immersion program in their public schools, the East Bay is not so lucky.
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As I’ve mentioned before, a number of schools that focus on teaching Mandarin have opened in the past few years, but they are all private. Now it seems a parent group is starting the process to initiate Mandarin immersion programs in the East Bay public schools. They are holding an information session next week. From their email:

The founding families of East Bay Mandarin Immersion seek to create a public K-8 Mandarin immersion program in the East Bay targeted to open Fall 2011. Our children need skills such as cultural awareness, second language skills, creativity and critical thinking to effectively contribute to our global community. Come to our free informational meeting to learn more about creating a world-class educational opportunity for our children. Wednesday, May 26th at 6pm at the South Branch Berkeley Public Library at 1901 Russell St at MLK. Please RSVP to Look forward to meeting you!