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My first child inspired me to find the connections between peace, community, and motherhood. My second reminds me to just stay sane. At Mama-Om, I write about my cute-and-funny kids (and their doppelgangers, the crazy-making-too-loud kids), and trying to parent peacefully.

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Mama Smiles

Highlights of everyday life as the mother of three young children. I blog about crafts, creative play, educational exploration, family, art, and frugal living. I also host giveaways of family-friendly products

dandelion mama

Dandelion Mama

A beautifully written blog, Dandelion Mama is Tracy's journey through motherhood, divorce, and single parenting her brilliant (and challenging) three kids. We love her blog as a reminder that it's never too late to re-invent yourself while holding what's most important close.


Hang In There, Mama

I know my light is not far from reach, but the weight and heaviness I feel some days, while I read about possibly shutting down again mixed with wondering what path this pandemic is on, cause a dull shimmer, not the blazing light I desire.


Look Up, Mama

Because these ordinary moments? They are actually quite extraordinary.