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Diamond of Darkhold Book Club

We have a family book club where we take turns bringing three books for the “club” to vote to see which book we read nex

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A Week in the Woods Book Club

The Roberts Family Book Club is in session again!

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Mother/Daughter Book Club

Studies have shown that children who read at home with their parents perform better in school.

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Matilda Book Club

Our family recently finished reading Matilda by Roald Dahl for our Family Book Club.

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Mother Daughter Book Club for January

My daughter and I attended this book club for the first time in December, and had an absolute blast!

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Mother Daughter Book Club at the Whitmore Library

We recently had our first Mother-Daughter Book Club of the school year at Whitmore Library

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Schooled Book Club

Our recent Family Book Club books have had quite a range.

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Savvy Family Book Club

I’ve wanted to read our latest family book club, Savvy by Ingrid Law, ever since I first saw its cover.