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Turn your kids into happy, patient travelers with, a children’s online travel store. We've hunted down the most creative toys, books, games, backpacks and more to keep your kids occupied, and keep you sane, whenever you're on the road. Even if it is only to soccer practice. Travel with us through our website!
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    Original: A Children's Travel Store is a one stop travel shop for families with kids ages 3-13. We offer the most ADORABLE and engaging, travel-sized toys, books, games, crafts, luggage and backpacks to keep kids occupied, and the parents SANE, while you travel. The company is the brainchild of two California moms who LOVE to travel with their kids MADison and Allie (hence Madallie) but know that kids need to be occupied and engaged to be happy travelers. All the items are kid-tested, fit in a child's lap or car seat, and provide hours of fun for your kids and family.

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