LUSH – North Park Mall Store Review

LUSH – North Park Mall Store Review
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I first heard aboutLUSHthrough a co-worker. I had complimented her perfume choice and she said it was her lemon scented cuticle cream. She recommended I, along with my nine year old, check out LUSH.

Over the holidays, we finally got our chance. The store’s location within North Park Mall didn’t disappoint though it was smaller than I had anticipated. I thought it would be another mega-store (ie: H&M and Forever 21 targeting tweens/ teens). Rather, it was cozy and we were immediately approached by one of the sales girls. She was very sweet; especially after I had told her it was our first visit. I was impressed with the time she spent on me and my daughter. She explained that their bath and body products contained vegetarian ingredients. Their products are handmade, fresh and natural. I was apprehensive purchasing their products due to price. However, after getting my hand massaged, trying on a few of the cosmetics (liquid eye shadow and lipstick), and trying their lotion, I gave in. I’m always in search for quality body lotion since my skin tends to get very dry in this Texas weather.

I probably would’ve purchased more, but I had my husband and four year old daughter waiting for us outside the store. So what did I end up getting?  I got the Dream Cream body lotion (rated 4 ½ stars on their website), their liquid eye shadow and lipstick. We lucked out because the store was running their “Buy 1 get 1 Free” promotion.  As a bonus, I was given sample sizes of their Ocean Salt and another lotion.

We’ve been very happy with the Dream Cream. I slather a generous amount on my kids and myself after baths/ showers. The lotion is very silky though pricier that what I would normally pay ($26.95 for 8.4 oz). To me, the money was well spent and we’ll be back again. The lotion is thicker and lasts longer because I don’t have to put on as much as my regular brands. Also, I appreciated the customer service (goes a long way).

Click here for store locations near you and for product information.

– Cool Playground Mommy