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Lunch Box Planning from Momtrends

Now that we’re all well into the school year, your lunch box mojo may be fading
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Have no fear! Nicole Feliciano ofMomtrendsshares her genius lunch box planning system.

It is not rocket science, but it sure feels like it! Yes, some of you clever moms actually make rockets out of sandwiches and fruits and veggies for your kids’ lunches. Whether you are one of those moms or not, we have the best lunch planning guide to keep lunch preparation down to earth.

Life is complicated enough- so why not simplify it by using this easy to follow healthy lunch planning guide and shopping list.


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Print it, stash it in your bag and never think about what to make for lunch again. You’re welcome dear readers. You’re welcome.

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Nicole Feliciano is the Editor ofMomtrends, a lifestyle blog founded in 2007 that serves the needs of the busy, modern mom.  The mother of two young girls spent ten years working in the fashion industry (notably seven years with Ralph Lauren), before launching her writing career. In addition to her blog and writing assignments, she serves as a spokesperson and social media consultant for top-tier brands.


Young girl holding packed lunch in living room smiling

Lunch Box Planning from Momtrends

Now that we’re all well into the school year, your lunch box mojo may be fading. Have no fear! Nicole Feliciano of Momtrends shares her genius lunch box planning system.

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5 Lunch Box Ideas - A Week of Menus for School Lunch

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I do not have any children in school yet and probably never will since we’re homeschooling.

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Ninety-seven per cent of the time, I pack my son’s lunch for school.