Little Free Libraries

Little Free Libraries

It is so important to keep your kids motivated through the summer and ready for the next school year by keeping up on their reading.  There are so many great reading programs through local libraries and businesses.  In my searches for great programs, I stumbled across an ingenious idea, Little Free Libraries!

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An idea started by Todd Bol of Hudson, Wisconsin, as a tribute to his teacher mom, in 2009 he built a small schoolhouse-shaped structure, filled it with books, and mounted it on a pole. The idea is to take a book to enjoy and leave a book for the next eager reader. The Little Free Library will always be stocked with an ever-changing inventory!

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The idea caught on and neighborhoods and cities across the country started building their own Little Free Libraries.  Although you can purchase finished libraries, and the site has plans for creating the structures from new lumber and shingles, original designs and recycled materials are strongly encouraged. They are water- and weather proof and all bear the “Take a book, return a book” inscription Bol attached to his first library.

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Visit their amazing  gallery,  full of so many creative Little Free Libraries from around the world, from Europe to Africa and Australia.

This is an awesome community outreach for your school or neighborhood, bringing members together to share advice and info on the design and construction of your own Little Free Library. Plus, it will promote literacy and a love of reading. We have a few in our area,  just search the map! I’m excited to check out the ones near us…

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"Library Mom"

Today I tried to conform into what I always aspire to be: what I call a "Library Mom." You know those moms at the library who speak in hushed tones to their kids as they usher them around helping them find appropriate books.

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Library Secrets for Back to School

Summer is almost over. In the libraries we are girding our loins for the start of the school year. No more happy families picking up audiobooks for road trips; it's time for the after-school junior high crowds (heaven help me) and . . . dun dun dunnnn . . . school assignments.