Letter to my child’s teacher…

School begins soon, and I somehow managed to have all three of my children starting new schools this year.
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My twins are beginning a new preschool program set within an elementary school, and my 7 year old is moving over to a Magnet school.  When he started Kindergarten, the teacher asked us to write her a letter describing our child so that they can get to know their personalities just a little bit faster, and I thought it was a great idea. I kept it, and love to look back at it now. It is a snapshot, if you will, of what my child was like at that age. Even if your child isn’t starting with a new teacher, this is an easy way to make a memory for yourself. Here are snippets of my letters for our new teachers this year.

Dear Teacher, This is my child. He is my rambunctious one, quick to move around and with the short attention span of most 4 year olds. He is the child most likely to give spontaneous affection, and to need to reassure himself of who is around him–especially the location of his sister if she is in the same room. He is very curious and will ask you many questions, be patient and realize that his world is formed from these questions. Don’t be surprised if his toys reflect whatever subject you have learned about. His imagination does not know the boundaries of our adult world.  And when he is at his worst–tired, hungry, or pitching a tantrum–that is when he needs a hug most of all.

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Dear Teacher, this is my child. She is my child who knows no boundaries, and is as likely to play princess as she is to play pirate–or both at the same time. She is eager to try anything new, and looks upon learning as a challenge. She is very attentive to activities and stories, but has high expectations for herself. She gets upset when she messes up or gets something wrong. She does best in an environment where she has a strong bond with her teacher. Don’t be surprised if she tries to sit in your lap when the whole group is on the floor.

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Dear Teacher, this is my child. He is so smart that it is easy to forget the child inside. He is a great helper with kids younger, smaller, or not as quick as he is at a lesson, but he gets easily bored when something is too easy for him. He loves to learn, and is interested in so many things. He may be the student who always yells out the answers…be patient. He is so eager to please but not always fully in control of his actions. When he gets frustrated with an assignment and wants to quit, that is when his own lack of confidence shows. Encourage him, in spite of the fact that he may not seem to need it. Don’t be afraid to challenge him, he may struggle but he will rise to meet it.


Parent-Teacher Conferences: Facing My Fears

We had parent-teacher conferences for both our kids a few weeks ago. I always get nervous about parent-teacher conferences when they come up, which at our school is twice during the school year. I just have this deep-seated fear