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Lasik Eye Surgery Giveaway: Legally Blind to 20/15 Vision in 10 minutes flat

This is my husband, Cade, and I.
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This picture was taken at Davis Vision where my husband thought we were attending an event with 1-800 Contacts. Let’s just say he was a tiny bit misled by me. You should go read about the whole crazy surprise at Sweet Basil and go ahead and enter the giveaway too. And while posting about our LASIK eye surgery experience here isn’t a normal post for me, I decided to write about it because we had such an amazing experience and I wanted to offer a great review for those who are looking into it for themselves or someone they know. Well, and we happen to be giving away a FREE LASIK eye surgery to one lucky winner as well as a great discount to all who enter on my site. But most importantly, I wanted there to be a resource for others on who to go to since we spent such a ridiculous amount of time studying and learning about which office to go to.

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So, in case any of you are going through the wretched hassle of trying to find the best doctor and best price for LASIK surgery, here’s what we discovered and why we chose to go with Davis Vision versus any other in Utah to correct my legally blind husband’s vision and take it to 20/15 just a few hours later and it will only continue to get better.

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  1. Dr. Davis has performed over 25,000 vision correction procedures
  2. Every person has seen an improvement in vision.
  3. Advanced Blade Free LASIK can have outcomes as good as 20/15
  4. Dr. Davis has several options available because everyone has different eyes.
  5. Some who weren’t candidates in the past are now candidates due to technology advancements.
  6. Dr. Davis also performs ICL and cataract surgery.
  7. Dr. Davis helped develop the technology that is used in LASIK as an electrical engineer in the 1980′s
  8. Care Credit is available to patients who qualify, (0% interest is never a bad thing)
  9. Dr Davis and his staff are kind, and more concerned with the patient and what a great privilege it is to change their life through corrected vision than prices, gimmicks etc. (This was a really big deal for us)
  10. Lasik is performed with the intralase laser which means that the surgery is less complicated, lower risk and easier to recover from versus the blade procedure.
  11. It only takes 10-15 minutes to do it!
  12. We were treated like family that was looking to improve our quality of life through vision, not a patient name or number. Real people needing real help

Generally the procedure can cost up to $4800 depending on your eyesight and what you choose to have done. However, Dr Davis offers amazing specials and an amazing payment plan with 0% interest. It really, truly is about helping you, not making as much money as they can off of you.

So, I know this isn’t anything to do with our love of food, but it is something that has been a very big deal to us and we want to shout it to the world that yes, LASIK is 100% worth it and there are amazing doctors right here in Utah that you can trust. Cade, my husband, woke up the next morning saying over and over that it was as if he had been part of a miracle. That is was amazing that he could see better than he ever had in his life, and that he didn’t need any assistance to do it. That, my friends, is worth everything in the world to me, and I don’t mind that overall we are going to save on prescriptions and contacts too.


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