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Kids have self esteem issues? Look within…

Kids have self esteem issues? Look within…
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If I were to ask you what you thought, as a general rule, most parents in this world want for their kids, what would you say? The question could conjure up many different responses, theories and desires that we all place in varying levels on the scale of importance.

Some would say money, happiness, fulfillment in a career, success, etc… yet all of those things that we often desire for our own kids, are often times things that we feel are highly important to our own well being. Maybe they are qualities that we lack within ourselves, or maybe they are qualities that we have and don’t ever want to lose…

A common statement for parents to say regarding their children’s well being, is “we want a better life for our kids” and in fact, that is a common desire to want your kids to have better than you did. Whether it be better social skills, better toys, better parents, a better home…

Yet, isn’t it true that the way that you feel about yourself is truly the most important factor in the way we perceive life? I mean, if you really think about it, no matter how much we have, or what we have in our lives, it is really how we feel about ourselves at the end of the day that makes the day good or bad.

You could have the most wonderful husband, children, career, and financial sanity that others could be green with envy, and yet, if you don’t like yourself, really, none of that matters… And wouldn’t you know it, how youfeel about yourself will actually make a difference in how your child feels about themselves?

A positive self image can make a world of difference to a child, improving not only their social skills, but their intellectual skills as well. A child with a positive self image will come to understand concepts such as sharing, responsibility, and philanthropy with much more ease than a child who constantly feels the need to compete based on his/her own low self image. A child with a low self image will feel the necessity to bully others to tears in order to feel good about themselves, to see that others are below them to some degree.

If I have one wish for my children, it is simply to love themselves. To really be happy with who they are.

Remember, you are beautiful in your children’s eyes, they see you as one of the most wonderful beings ever created, much in the way that we view them!  How do you think it makes them feel when the most beautiful person in this galaxy tells them that we think we are ugly, or fat, or we are unhappy with the way we look,? What if we never admit when we are wrong, when the child knows in fact we are?

Imagine if your three year old said they looked fat, or thought they were ugly? Avoid self deprecating talk, not only in front of your child, but for good. Learn to love yourself, and if you don’t like the way your body looks, the way your career is going, or the way you feel about yourself, remember one thing. The most important person in the entire world thinks that you are beautiful.🙂