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Keeping Up and Keeping Busy

You've worked too hard this year to let all the great things your kids learned slip down into the hazy, lazy days of summer. What's your plan?
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You've worked too hard this year to let all the great things your kids learned slip during the hazy, lazy days of summer.

So when Kacy, a friend of mine, suggested creating a binder for each child with activities and worksheets, I thought it was a great idea. I hit a teacher/education supply store in my area so I could browse through their offerings. I picked up a couple workbooks and some lined newsprint. The other place I found workbooks? Costco! And their prices were cheaper!

Here's how it works:

I bought a binder for each of my children to customize (you might even have extra binders around the house or office.)


Think about the subjects they needed a little help with during the year, or areas you think they'd enjoy learning about during the summer. Bigger kids can have more diverse binders, tabbed with a range of subjects or activities.

Since my kids are little, they'll be practicing a lot of writing. I got two packages of lined newsprint: the little one got the Kindergarten big spaced type so he can write his letters; the big one gets smaller lined newsprint so he can practice making smaller, more evenly spaced words.

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My 1st to 2nd grader has two workbooks along with his handwriting practice: an addition and subtraction math game book, and a general knowledge book. If he needs it, we'll make more tabs for him with different subjects for concentration. For now, I think the above is enough to keep him happily working for an hour or so during the day.

Binders 3

My preschooler did a great job learning how to write his own name this year and loves to ask how to spell words letter-by-letter. I don't expect him to really stay inside the lines, but he likes how grown up it seems to have lined paper. His work book is a hodge podge of activities, games, and light learning.

I'm not interested in creating a genius, I just want him to feel a sense of accomplishment when he "works" on his pages. Keep it FUN for little ones. I'm not going to force him to do work every day unless he wants to. (Of course he wants to because his brother is doing his work.)

My soon to be 2nd grader doesn't have a choice, haha. He has math, reading, and writing to work on daily. We're also keeping his summer reading pass book from our local library in one of the pockets. I don't want to hear about how bored he is, ever.

Our plan is that after breakfast they'll have their chores to do, then their school work, before they're allowed to go outside to play or watch a show.

What are your tips for keeping the brain drain at bay and keeping your kids busy not bored?


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