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Keeping the Faith

I constantly come across inspirational sayings and quotes
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They seem to arrive right on time when I find myself feeling any doubts or worries regarding my child’s special needs. They actually help me when I am feeling doubtful about anything, so I wanted to share one that I read recently by Helen Steiner Rice. It helped me get myself back on the right track.

“Faith is a force that is greaterthan knowledgeor power or skill,

And the darkest defeat turns to triumphif you trust in God’s wisdom and will.

For faith is a mover of mountains —

there’s nothing man cannot achieve

If he has the courage to try it

And then has the faith to believe.”

Whether one is religious or not, I believe faith works for everyone the same. And when it comes to our children, they are counting on us to believe and to help them remember, that no matter what any evaluation or medical report says, they are capable of so much if we just give them a chance and keep the faith.

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