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Inch Worm SWAP for Scouting (Kid Friendly Craft!)

Inch Worm SWAP for Scouting (Kid Friendly Craft!)
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Between preparing for my Girl Scout troop’s camp outing and getting ready for our elementary school’s Spring carnival (I’m on the planning committee), the last couple of weeks have been busy for this mama! I had to make myself stop and blog today just so I can take a break from all the stress of the last couple of weeks. Of course, I also want to share my daughter’s cute inch worm craft that she’ll be using to SWAP (trade) for other friendship tokens at camp this weekend. 🙂

If your family is involved in scouting, you know that SWAPs are a big part of the camp experience. It’s a way to make new friends. Some events offer prizes for the best SWAP too. This weekend, my daughter will be participating in her Brownie’s troop’s first camp experience. As her troop leader, I never realized how much was involved in planning for this outing, but the potential for our girls to have a fun day makes it all worth it…right? Now where was I? Oh, yes, the SWAP.

Thanks to my co-leader providing links to various SWAP sites, my daughter and I were able to come up with a cute, but simple project for her SWAP. Off to Hobby Lobby I went and was very pleasantly surprised to see that everything I needed was 50% OFF—what a bonus! My daughter and I started working on a design and realized that it might not work because one of the beads I got was too big. What to do now?! Luckily, my son who has a good eye for putting things together helped us come up with the idea for an inch worm—C.U.T.E! The picture above is the final product with one pinned to the hat that my daughter’s going to wear at camp. (It’s tradition to pin SWAPs you want to display on your hat.) How cute is this?!

What you need (for 40 SWAPs)

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2 bags of safety pins without the coil (you can use regular large safety pins if that’s all you have)

1 bag of smiley face beads

About 200 pony beads

hot glue gun

Start off by designing how you want your inch worm to look on the pin. (My daughter designed most of the pins and had so much fun doing it!)

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Glue all of the beads together one at a time. This is something you may want to do since the glue can be hot.

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And here’s the pin all finished.

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It may not win any awards, but my daughter loves her SWAP and is happy with what she was able to accomplish—that’s what counts! Enjoy!


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