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I'm Bored

It's the 5th day of summer and I've all ready heard "I'm bored" more than I'd like. I'm putting the smack down on boredom. How, you ask? Well, I'm making it their job, not mine.

Here's my plan of attack on the B word:


My husband said this looks OCD. What I really needed were some standard plans that I could look to. I set out certain days of the week that I'd have a "go to" activity so that I'd done my part in providing my share of summer fun. I have a day for the library, hiking, an outing, and even gardening. I even provided a craft this week. We're off to a decent start.

I had to put some sort of structure in place to make sure that I did the things that I wanted to do this summer with my kids. I made the disclaimer to myself, and my kids that not all of it will happen and that schedules change every day, but at least we have some touch points. When you look at that calendar those aren't all activities for the kids, it lays out things that we have to do each week as well.

Summer Schedule

The I'm Bored List

Here is where it's all on them!

My elementary aged kids had to make a list of all of the things that they can do when they say "I'm Bored". This list is being taped to the door of their rooms. It was important to me that they make the list themselves, so they have ownership of it, and so that they can't blame me if the ideas are lame. Here's my daughter's first draft.

Boredom List

Now, I like her energy. I like that she included weeding on this list. But this is short. I demand more than that. She was sent back to the drawing "bored" and instructed to come back with 25 things she can do when she feels bored.

Get Out!

I was talking with my neighbor the other day about how it seems odd that we have to encourage our kids to play outside so much. When I was young, there was a lot of time spent in the backyard and running around in the neighborhood. That's shifted. We agreed that we are kicking our kids out the back door daily for no good reason. They'll figure it out. There's a swing, a hose, and some shade. There's also lots of weeds.

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