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i9 Sports League Fall Registration

I have been looking for a youth sports league that can accommodate a young (3.5 years old) child without much luck

I’d love to get Jack involved in a sport, but don’t want to pay exorbitant registration fees or spend afternoons driving a three-year-old around to practices (with the baby in the car, especially).  He’s three – I want a sport’s league that’s laid-back and will provide a positive experience and lay the foundation for what could be years of sports (assuming he wants to play them. that is).

I think I found our sports league!

i9 Sports is a league that offers soccer, t-ball and flag football for the little kids.  But it gets better – practices take place right before the games, and all games are on the weekends – so no driving to and from practices all week and then to and from games on the weekends.

I think I also find i9 Sports appealing because they focus on having run rather than winning. My kid is competitive enough as it is, and I know that he needs to work on his good sportsmanship skills.

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Also?  There is no fundraising or volunteering required (which I’m sure I won’t mind when my kids are older, but for now, this is really appealing!), no try-outs, and every kids plays in every game.

There are leagues all over the Dallas area, and registration is now open (through mid-August, from what I am able to determine).  You can register online once you’ve found the league closest to you.

I’m looking forward to my years as a soccer (baseball/golf/dance/horseshow/whatever-the-kids-are-into) mom.  But in these early years, I just want the kids to have a laid-back, enjoyable learning experience when sports are involved.

I look forward to the upcoming Fall 2012 season…watch out soccer, here we come!


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