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I (heart) McDonald’s

Just kidding. I really don’t.
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But I do love fairy tale themed Madame Alexander dolls in kids meals. Right now, alongside a Happy Meal cheeseburger, you could find Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf (in Grandma’s clothes), Cinderella and the Prince, or Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter.    These are not Happy Meal prizes to throw out with the empty fry containers.  These are keepers. And maybe I’m a little funny, but I want all of them.

So yesterday we went to McDonald’s (again.)   My three year old found Hansel (“Who is this?”) in her Happy Meal.  For $1.81 more, I also purchased Gretel.  While Three ate her chicken nuggets, I told her the Hansel and Gretel story (as best as I could remember.)  A pretty gruesome tale, but she loved it–especially the part when the boy tricks the witch and sticks a chicken bone out of his cage.

We stopped at the library on the way home to check out a fairy tale book and see if I had Hansel and Gretel right.  In the story we found, there was no step mother and the boy used a stick instead of a bone.  I told Three that there are lots of ways to tell a story.  This is an old story that people like to tell lots of different ways.  She got it.

I spotted another McDonald’s on my way home from the dry cleaner today.  (I promise I usually don’t do this.)  I decided to skip the Happy Meal altogether and just ask for the toys.  They had Cinderella and the Prince.  The Prince has this little fluffy feather coming out of his hat.  Three knows this story and played a mixed version Cinderella meets Hansel and Gretel until her sisters came home from school.

So cute.  Maybe I do heart McDonald’s after all.