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Hugh Hefner vs. Mother Teresa

I read somewhere that Hugh Hefner does not like broken potato chips.
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He actually has staff members that he pays to sort the broken chips from the whole ones. When I read this, two thoughts came to mind: Hef had never better come to my house, where ALL the chips get broken and then put back on the shelf for someone else to open, close, and put back on the shelf; and Mother Teresa.

I recognize these are random thoughts, but bear with me. As a society, we are more inclined to discuss an old guy’s culinary idiosyncrasies than a woman who won the Nobel Peace Price in 1979! Hef, of course, is still alive and chasing skirts, where Mother Teresa died in 1997, so I get that he would still be on the public’s radar, but for what good reason? As a parent, I wonder if my kids will grow up to acknowledge people of true character, versus the Snookis of the world, who are current pop culture icons. Granted, without Hugh Hefner, Pamela Anderson might only be known for her bad acting. On the other hand, without the works of Mother Teresa, countless lives in the slums of Calcutta would have gone uneducated, unfed and forgotten. Which of these people would I prefer my children to admire or emulate?

Yes, I am on my soapbox today, which happens occasionally. But after reading the story about Hef, all I can think about is how many people Mother Teresa could have fed with those broken potato chips.

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