How to Make Your Own Hair Detangler

EVERY MORNING there is plenty of screaming coming from our bathroom. It doesn't matter that I buy the detangling shampoo, or what comb or brush I use, or how much chemical spray I spritz all over her little head, combing out her hair every morning equals war. And since I have a problem with kids who run around looking like they have a nest on their head, we need a new plan of attack.

She's breathing in plenty of fumes from her current detangler during Bathroom Bow/Barrette Brawl every morning. Click here for a recipe for making your own natural detangling spray. It might not stop the screams at my house, but at least it will minimize the chemicals she inhales during her protest.

That's some combed out hair right there...

That's some combed out hair right there...

Make your own...

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