How The Alarm Clock Saved My Life

2010 has marked the year of the alarm clock.
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I had no idea how this little invention would change my life, but it so has.  The story goes…

Last year we lived in Africa and my little girl went to what would be the equivalent of pre-school here in the states.  I had no idea my sweet little thing would be such a bear to wake up.  It was painful…for both of us.  After finally managing to get her out of bed, we would begin the next painful tasks of breakfast and then getting dressed in a grumpy, half awake state.  I cannot stress the difficulties involved with the morning school routine.  I swear she was (and still is, for that matter) like a teenager trapped in a 5 year old body when it comes to sleep and waking up.  Some days it was so bad that we left the house with her still in her pajamas just so her brother wouldn’t be late to school.  It wasn’t fair that her brother be punished with a school tardy because of her refusal to get dressed.

When the start of this school year became increasingly closer, I started getting nervous, fearing that we would run into the same battle ground once again.  Then I had an idea.  Her brother received an alarm clock for Christmas last year.  No more needing to be woken up by mom.  His alarm clock does the job.  I thought, “What if this would work for the little miss?”  So we went and picked one out at Target, pink, of course.  I always saw buying an alarm clock for a child as an extra, unneeded expense.  Why would they need a loud noise waking them up in the morning when they could have the soothing voice of their loving mommy?  Well, I’d like to think that, but the truth is, the alarm clock works…better than mommy’s soothing voice.

She still doesn’t just jump right out of bed in the morning like her brother, but when the alarm beeps, she knows her peaceful night’s sleep must end and she must get ready for another day of school!

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And that is how the alarm clock saved my life.  The moral of the story is to find what works for you and your kids and being willing to adapt to the needs of the season.  A $10 investment was transformational for my family!  It’s saved me from starting the day a very frustrated mommy!  And it’s helping my girlie get out of bed!

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