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How many is TOO many kids?

Ok, I admit it, I really enjoy watching the show “19 Kids & Counting”.
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I’m not ashamed. I think that because I have 4 kids I can relate to that constant need for organization amidst the unrelenting daily chaos. I also find some kind of strange, sadistic peace knowing that 4 kids isn’t really THAT many kids…..yeah, right.🙂 Unfortunately, in today’s society (and according to the US Census), 1.3 kids is the average. Most people I know have 2 kids and it seems, the world is made for families of 4, not families of 6, 8 and DEFINITELY not families of 19 (those poor Duggars)!

Years ago, before my husband & I got married, we talked about having 5 kids. Umm, yeah – not sure what WE were thinking, but, wow, glad we stopped at 4. Four kids is a total handful and a logistical nightmare most places you go. In case you haven’t noticed, the world kind of caters to “normal sized” families, a.k.a. families of 4. Most tables seat 4, most shopping carts are only designed to carry 1 child, amusement park rides seat 2, etc…get the picture? The world’s not really catered to larger families and boy does it make life difficult for those of us with multiple kids. This is probably part of the reason I enjoy the show, “19 Kids & Counting” so much. I enjoy watching them tackle obstacles that come along with so many kids.

I had a conversation recently with someone who thought the show was borderline ridiculous. They thought that having that many children was unfair to the kids and she was just using each of them as babysitters….ummmm, okay and this is a problem, how? I didn’t have this many kids to have them raise each other, HOWEVER, I don’t see the problem in asking my 10 yr old to watch the little ones while I do something, and I’m sure I’ll do the same when the others get older.

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The funny thing is, when they were on The Today Show recently, the host asked the Duggar children if they would eventually have a small family or a large family….guess what they said? Large family, no surprise. I’m sure they couldn’t imagine life any other way.

And, neither can I.  How many kids do you have? How many do you think is TOO many? Or, do you feel like I do and say, “To each his own”?


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