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How Colorado Chose Me

After living in California for 23 years, I secured a job and a place to live, and moved to Colorado
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I didn’t know a soul, other than my boyfriend who was to become my first roommate ever. As crazy as that seems, the boyfriend is now a husband, and the other two roommates are neighbors whose kids attend the same local schools as my two children. We’ve talked about moving closer to parents, and other places with new opportunities, but stopped planning because we have rooted ourselves here, and love it as much or more than where we came from.

For the record, the one thing I miss about California is the ocean. It can draw me in like nothing else and bring me a peace I never thought I’d find again. However, I can now gain about as much peace from a visit to the mountains: hiking, snowshoeing, or even skiing. Colorado suits our lifestyle so well, with tons of open space and mountain trails, an active community of people, and a laid back attitude and lifestyle.

This morning I was running on the treadmill and John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High” played on my iPod. I cranked it up and soaked in the view of Long’s Peak and the rest of the back range as the sun slowly lit it up for the day. I grew up listening to many classics, our friend John being one of them since my Mom is a big fan. I took so much pride in the life we’ve built here, and how much my kids love the outdoors.

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Oh, and I swear that Colorado chose me a very long time ago!

Translated: About Me "I would like to be a veterinarian when I grow up. I would like to move to Colorado when I grow up..." We found this amongst my things at my dad's house in California several years after I moved to Colorado in 1993. It was written in 1980, just before I turned 9.


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