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To the SAHM who never gets a break. The mama knee deep in toys, chaos and laundry. To the mama whose day is spent fielding questions from toddlers, ensuring hungry bellies are fed and tears are dried. The mama whose cup of coffee is empty, but whose heart has never been more full.

To the working mama juggling her time between work and babies. To the mama whose heart is always in two places. Whether you work to pursue your own passions and have something of your own or you work to ease the financial burden at home, I see you.

Here's to the women.

To the single mama working two jobs trying to balance it all. To the mama who never rests, who is up all hours of the night being everything to everyone. To the mama who comes home exhausted, but still manages to give every remaining ounce of herself to her children.

Photo by Ravi Roshan on Unsplash

Photo by Ravi Roshan on Unsplash

To the mama who has never carried a child of her own whether by choice or circumstance, but who mentors, encourages and loves every child around her. To the mama who pours her heart into her community, dedicating countless hours, making an impact and spreading joy wherever she goes.

Here's to the women.

To the mama anxiously filling out papers; dreaming and praying for the baby that will complete your heart and your family. Yes, it's true, you may not share the same blood, but you know you share something far greater - love. You are theirs and they are yours.

To the mama without her own mother. To the mama longing for one more conversation. One more phone call and "I love you." One more chance to hear her mother's voice.

Here's to the women.

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Who wake up each morning through tired eyes, mustering up enough grace and courage for 10,000 people. To the women who greet each challenge life throws your way with grit and determination.

Here's to the women with fire in their souls. A force to be reckoned with. To the women building empires and raising babies. To the women advocating for their children with disabilities. To the women breaking down barriers and overcoming adversity. To the women who inspire and encourage.

Here's to all of us.

I don't care what title you hold or don't hold.

I see you and I applaud you. Everyday, I am reminded of what each of us are capable of.

You are FIERCE.

Never doubt it. Never question it for one second.

Because you are everything this world needs.



Jennifer is a working mom, blogger, wife, and mama to one rambunctious little boy. Surviving motherhood with a good laugh, dance parties, lots of coffee and a glass of wine. Follow along with her blog for the not so perfect, unorganized and unfiltered working mom at



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