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Harmon’s Sliced Dinner Finale

Ever wanted to judge a cooking contest? Now’s your chance!
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Harmon’s Grocery is hosting the Sliced Dinner Finale on Saturday, May 10th at the City Creek store.  Guess who will be making your dessert?  [Squeal] ME!

Last month, I felt the urge to apply as a contestant for the Sliced competition – think of the Food Network’s Chopped for home cooks. I was chosen to compete in the Dessert category.  Woo hoo! Now what?

The Harmon’s chefs selected 15 contestants to compete in three categories – Appetizers, Entree and Dessert. We were given a mystery box of ingredients, stripped of any electronic devices aka “cheat sheets” and put in a kitchen for a couple of hours while we whipped up something amazing.

Here were our dessert mystery ingredients –  fresh pears, raspberry jam, sweet caramel-like chocolate and Captain Crunch.  What would you make?

After a few fun and frantic hours, I served a Southern Pound Cake with Glazed Pears and Vanilla Bean Cream to the judges. I had time to make a raspberry coulis and a chocolate “truffle” that ended up more like a pudding.

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They liked it! Now I get to compete in the Finale and make my dessert for 65 people. Want to join me for dinner?

The Harmon’s Sliced Finale winner will be selected two ways –

  1. A People’s Choice winner based on the votes of the dinner guests
  2. A Judge’s winner selected by a judging panel and Bob Harmon

Now’s your chance to taste and critique some gourmet food and feel like a celebrity food judge!  Get your tickets on the Harmon’s Cooking School page and bring your favorite mom for an entertaining night of delicious food!

Note: This post is my own opinion and besides having a mad crush on Harmon’s for picking me as a winner, I have not been compensated for this post.  Of course, I’d love your vote at the Finale :).


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