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Happy Healthy Hip Parenting

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Head over to Happy Healthy Hip Parenting for resources, inspiration and humor. Written by a Certified Parent Educator and single mom, this blog will keep you laughing and reaching for a tissue and a friend (or a glass of wine) as we discuss relationships, parenting, and what it means to be a parent.

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Single Parent Advice: The Apology

There is a fine line between having a mutually-respectful relationship and letting your children run out of control. Apologizing after a disagreement is an important parenting tool that requires a few important steps.

hip hip hooray

Hip Hip Hooray!

We are swooning over Hip Hip Hooray! If you're looking for great ideas for your next child's party, or just want some fun creative activities, we're recommending Hip Hip Hooray. Pop on over and enjoy the pretty.

Happy Happy

I'm going to confess something that might sound shocking coming from a writer who often takes as her subject the complex and sometimes dark experience of mothering young children . . .