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Growing Pains

The figurative definition of growing pains is the difficulties experienced during the growing stages of an enterprise.
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And an enterprise is defined as a project or undertaking, typically one that is difficult or requires effort.  It’s safe to say that parenting fits right into the definition of an enterprise.

Typically we associate growing pains with something that kids experience but lately I’ve realized that as my kids grow, it can be painful for mommies and daddies, too!  I feel like I woke up one morning and my son went from calling me, “Mommy” to the shortened version, “Mom.”  The inquisitive little toddler turned into a young boy who thinks he knows how to drive a car better than his “mom” even through she has 17 years experience, and he has none.  The little boy who was a timid kindergartener is now a confident 3rd grader, easily embarrassed when I whisper an, “I love you,” in front of his friends at school.

As I find myself the mother of an 8 and 5 year old, I realize they are not babies anymore and therefore require a new level of conversing.  And there’s some growing that has to happen in me.  I’m ok with that, but it makes me rely heavily on God and older and wiser parents who have done this before.  Not only does this require me to change my conversational tone but I also have to remember the way they are uniquely wired (The 5 Love Languages of Children is currently at the top of my to-read list).

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As I’m sure most parents have found, with each stage of growth and development, it’s not all difficult.  The blessings far outweigh the adjustments we need to make.  And so I move on eager to discover the blessings!

Have you also experienced the growing pains of parenthood?  Have you found any resources helpful?  For more posts written by me, visit my personal blog, I Believe In Love.



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