Great Books for Young Readers

Reading is a popular pastime at our house.
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My husband and I spend a lot of our leisure time reading. Right now our oldest, Goosey, is especially fond of reading.

Shortly before second grade started, reading just really clicked for Goosey and she became unstoppable. She’s so unstoppable that she is now reading about three grade levels above expectations, which is awesome. Except, finding appropriate books for her isn’t always easy. Many books that are at her developmental and emotional level don’t challenge her academically (not to mention all the potty humor), and books that are at her reading level tend to be a little too mature in content. As parents we read lots of “young reader” books and pass the ones that she’s ready for on to her. The others we put on the shelf for future reading.

My Great Books for Young Readers (advanced 2nd-4th graders):

Are there books or series that your kids have enjoyed? Any from your childhood that you adored? We lean toward historical fiction and fantasy, but I’m especially interested in finding books that appeal to boys since my 1st grader is discovering recreational reading too.


Book Recommendations for Preschoolers & Young Readers

The Preschool/Early Grade School age is one of the hardest to buy for.  This is the age when children have grown out of board books but aren’t yet into the endless number of chapter books you can get for older kids. So this list is dedicated to that age range!

The Day the Babies Crawled Away

Favorite Books for My Kids

We have books everywhere in our house. In baskets by every couch, on shelves in rooms, in the toy room, in the basement, books litter our house. And I love it.