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This is a quick and easy goal setting and review activity I did with my family just last night as we look to the New Year. It encompasses filling in the blank on 2 statements. 

I am . . . 


I will . . .

Our household ranges in age from 9 to 42 and this worked at a meaningful level for each person. I'm convinced that if your child can talk that you can walk through this activity with them to identify a few things together and if your child can write you can set them loose and see what they come up with. 

I Am . . .

There is power in these words. "I Am" sends a message to the brain in the affirmative. Whether you send a positive or a negative message, the brain gets the clue that it needs to affirm that message. How we talk to ourselves is IMPORTANT. We are training our brains to look for proof to back up those "I Am" statements we feed ourselves. 

I wanted to start the New Year off with a baseline on how our family is thinking and feeling about ourselves (and how we're talking to ourselves too). 

So we started by taking 5 minutes and on one side of a piece of paper we filled it up with as many "I Am" statements as we could. The answers looked a little like this:

I am . . 

  • Brave
  • Strong
  • Good at Soccer
  • Kind
  • Funny
  • Pretty
  • Hard Working
  • Smiley
  • Blessed
  • Energetic

I didn't tell my family if I wanted positive or negative statements about themselves, I just left it as "fill in the blank". I wanted to see what they would do. 

Now have each person SHARE what they wrote! We simply went around the table and shared what we wrote. It also gave us a really cool opportunity to validate each other for the positive things on those lists. 

Turns out, everyone put down positive stuff. Which is great. If there had been something negative, I would have welcomed that too because it would have given me feedback of things we as parents might not be noticing or areas that they might need our support in. 

So many times we start making goals from a place of all the things we are NOT. Or from all the places we lack. Starting this goal setting exercise by focus on the "I am"'s or the things we are today generally sets a positive tone for the next step. 

I Will . . .

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Another fill in the blank.  Now it's time to focus on what we want to accomplish moving forward. And not in a 10-step, action plan, overwhelming stated sort of a way. Simply flip the page over and give everyone five minutes to fill in the blanks for their "I Will . . ." statements. 

This is the stuff you want to do stated in a positive, affirming way. 

Here are some of the things our family put down on our individual "I Will . . ." worksheets:

  • Spend more time outside
  • Be a better problem solver
  • Get stronger this year
  • Get ready for school faster 
  • Grow
  • Think before I act
  • Take good care of myself

You might write five "I Will" statements or you might write twenty "I Will" statements.  Just give everyone five minutes to write and see what happens. 

Now have each person SHARE what they wrote! We simply went around the table and shared our lists. 

This exercise made for some really great conversation with our family. As we shared with each other, inevitably every person had another "I Will" idea that they added to their own list. 

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