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Give The Gift of Fitness in East DFW – Forney Taekwondo

Do you remember watching The Karate Kid as a child, then pretending with your friends?
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Ok, maybe that was just me since I was a tomboy and most of my friends were boys. Martial arts looks so cool to kids, the fancy kicks, breaking boards. Our son has been doing taekwondo since he was 4 1/2 years old. He was the kid that didn’t really engage in organized sports, playing with the dirt or pulling the grass, while his teammates ran up and down the field. Then one day he was invited to a party at a Taekwondo dojang and fell in love with martial arts. So his martial arts journey started.

Thanksgiving of last year we made a hard decision to leave our son’s current Taekwondo school in search of a new location. It turned into a 1 year sabbatical, however, we started back up last month when his wonderful instructor, Master Aaron Crawford, started his new school, Forney Taekwondo. Forney is a suburb located east of the DFW area and the school is easily accessible from Hwy 80. So if you live in Rockwall, Rowlett, East Garland, or Mesquite it’s worth the drive for Master Aaron’s experience.

Master Aaron has been practicing Taekwondo since the age of five. In that time he’s earned 137 trophies and medals (80 1st place, 31 2nd place, 26 3rd place) from PanAm Open International, US Open, and Senior & Junior National Championships to name a few.

If you’re interested in checking out the classes, they offer an introductory (8) classes for $39 and a free uniform (what a great present to open up under the tree). There is no commitment so you can see if your little one is really into it.

Our son has benefited tremendously from not only the physical aspect, but he learns such great character building attributes like integrity, goal setting, perseverance, and leadership. All of these things will be a gift that long outlasts anything else we could have put under the tree.