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This is an epic summer for my family
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First summer with a kiddo — she’s 10 months old — and we decided to take a road trip to California to escape from our everyday busyness and simplify for awhile. We have a pop-up trailer, and we’re hitting a wedding in San Francisco and then camping along the Cali coast for two weeks. Epic.

My baby girl is crawling and moving like crazy. Not quite pulling herself up to walk, but probably will soon. Not the best time to restrict her to a car seat. She’s a squirmy bundle of energy.

So I’m fantasizing about crawling obstacle courses and toys to help her safely cover some distance outside. Then I saw the toys on sale at recently learned about this site when some executives invited some of us mommy bloggers and mommy business owners to lunch to share about their awesome products and deals for Baby and Kids. In order to promote their site, they’re offering a special promotion right now:

In addition to the already discounted items, you will get 25% off the first purchase you make. You just have to

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1.Register now (first-time users only; they can’t already have your e-mail address on record)

2.Make a purchase by Aug. 15

3.Follow thislink to do it

The deals change daily, so just registering now will help you keep an eye out for top-quality shower gifts, strollers, and other purchases you might need down the road.

Remember, the deal is only good if you follow this link!


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