Gift Wrap Secrets – Easy Ways to Make Your Holiday Gifts Look Special Using Pret

Gift Wrap Secrets – Easy Ways to Make Your Holiday Gifts Look Special Using Pretty Homemade Bows
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Just like you wouldn’t give your friends an unwrapped gift (er – wait, I think I just did that an hour ago….well, anyway, I felt bad about it), you shouldn’t give them an un-dressed gift, either.  But dressing up a gift to make it super special isn’t hard.  Here are some great bow ideas for you.

Who says you need to spend a lot of money on gift bows?  You can recycle paper you have around the house into great-looking bows.  We found very easy instructions on how to make super-cute bows on the following three websites (there are tons more, too).  They have slightly different takes on how to do it, but all seem super-easy and are illustrated with step-by-step instructions and pictures.

  • Going Green Crafters and Artists () – link to magazine bow page here.  The map page bow shown here is from their site.
  • () – link to magazine bow page here.
  • YouTube has several videos, for this particular project, go to the YES Recycled Gift Bow video.
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For a more elaborate gift wrap look, you’ll want to use “real” (not recycled) ribbon.  You can use wired (easiest) or unwired.  Here are some options to check out:

  • Ask the Decorator () – her video on YouTube was the shortest, easiest to follow, and clearest video I could find on making bows.  These are totally easy (I can even do them, and I am all thumbs when it comes to crafts), so don’t be intimidated. 
  • Save-on-Crafts () – shows you how to make many different types of bows for dressing up your gifts (or home, even!).  Loads of pictures and instructions for everything.  

Put on some holiday music, turn on the Christmas tree lights, and get out your scissors.  Make a ton of bows while relaxing in front of the fireplace and you’ll be dressing up your gifts like a pro!