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From a Teacher to the Parents

The first week of school is difficult for students, and for their parents.
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We have all been there, and some of us experienced that anxiety for the first time this year. What you may not realize it that the beginning of the year is also difficult for your child’s teacher. This is an inside scoop from a teacher with twelve years of experience.

To begin with, many teachers are also parents and going through the same first week jitters with our kids that you are with yours. But many of us cannot be there for our child’s first day because we are with our students, your child.

Secondly, many teachers have just finished a week of meetings, trainings, and new information that we call in-service. Give us a few days to adjust to the new policies and routines before asking us for full explanations. And at least for those of us in Texas, keep in mind that the state rolled out budget cuts and new teaching standards the same year! Yikes! As one person put it, we are being asked to do more with less.

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Finally, give us time to get to know your child. We believe you that he or she is bright and beautiful and a joy to be around…most of the time (I told you we are parents too!). Try to remember that your child needs to get to know us too, give us that time as well before complaining or asking us to change anything in our classrooms.

The old saying “those who can, do; those who can’t teach” is wrong. All of the teachers I know choose to teach and love to teach, and are excited about another year of school…as excited as kids on the first day of school!

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