Fresh Picked Peaches at Ham Orchards

If I had to eat one meal over and over again for the rest of my life, it would include peaches.
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I love, love, LOVE a fresh, juicy peach. Yet, I rarely buy them from the grocery store.  They never ripen quite right, and before I know it, I’m stuck with a bunch of peaches that went from too-hard-to-eat to mushy overnight and a fruit fly infestation, and I haven’t even eaten a single peach.

A couple of years ago I learned about Ham Orchards in Terrell, and this is where I discovered Peach Nirvana.  You just haven’t had a peach until you’ve had a Ham’s peach!  In fact, I rarely buy peaches from the store anymore…I suppose I’ve been spoiled by the fresh-picked peaches from Ham’s!

For me, the highlight of a trip to Ham’s is the giant bag of perfectly ripe peaches we always bring home.  They grow over 30 varieties of peaches at the orchard, and they are for sale every day from May 15th – August 15th.  If peaches aren’t your thing (whaaat?!), they sell all kinds of locally-grown produce in their Farm Market Store (think strawberries, zucchini, nectarines, blueberries, etc.).

They also grow blackberries, and the blackberry patch is open to the public for picking from May 15th – end of June.  Jack just recently picked blackberries for the first time, and it was great fun (if you don’t want to pick your own – maybe because it’s 100 degrees out – they sell them in the store, too).

We didn't pick that many blackberries (due to the attention span of a 3-year-old), but it sure was fun!

After all that blackberry picking, we headed into the air-conditioned Farm Market Store for some homemade Peach and Strawberry Swirl ice cream (made from their own peaches and strawberries).  The ice cream is delicious, and without a doubt Jack’s favorite thing at Ham’s (my favorite thing – beside the peaches – is probably the ice cream…or the fudge…or maybe the mini pies they sell…).

If you visit between Wednesday and Sunday, you can also get a burger at The Pavilion(a covered picnic area complete with picnic tables and rocking chairs).

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Claire enjoys a rocking chair in the shade while she tries her first peach - I think the peach fuzz surprised her!

Ham Orchards is located about 45 minutes east of Dallas in Terrell, TX.  If that seems like a long way to go just for some peaches (even though you can trust me on this one, it’s worth ever mile you have to drive!), there is plenty of other stuff to do in Terrell to make a trip out of it.

Terrell is home to Tanger Outlets (just a short drive from Ham’s), and here you can find The Gap, Old Navy, Carter’s, Gymboree, and all your favorite stores (I once found a winter coat at this Old Navy for $1.99, WIN!).

If you’re hungry, there is an Applebee’s in Tanger…but I recommend skipping this chain restaurant for a little local flavor!  A Terrell staple, Cole Mountain can be found between Ham’s and Tanger (and you know you’re going to need something fried and a little on the fatty side to offset all those healthy peaches, right?).

You can find out more about Ham’s Orchards (including hours, the days they’re open, and what kinds of peaches are available each day) here.

And please…eat a peach for me!