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Free Summer Lunch Programs Along The Wasatch Front

When you’re a little one in a struggling family, the end of school is not exactly a celebration.
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Many of the Littles really depend on that hot lunch or the breakfast they get at school as their main–or only–meal of the day.  Utahns Against Hunger has an excellent and comprehensive list–click here–of all the sites this summer offering lunch and/or breakfast for hungry kiddos.  Some will have meals available for the parents at a low price.  The sites tend to be where kids congragate anyway–parks, school playgrounds, etc.  There is nothing, nothing more terrible to me than a hungry child in a land of so much plenty.  Please print the locations off for anyone you think might need them.

Trying to find free lunch zones in your city?  Click here for the USDA Food and Nutrition Sevices.