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Free–Or Cheap–Baby Shower Gifts

So, my girlie Janelle just dropped by to steal another baby gift from my massive baby shower gift stash.
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Please.  I live in UTAH, Baby Capitol Of The World.  I have a closet filled with everything you can imagine, and most of it was free or nearly so.  Mind you, this doesn’t mean it’s junky stuff.  It’s all nice, high-quality things that an exhausted and sleep-deprived new Mommy would love.  Take a look and start your own gift stash–and even better: think about dropping some of these goods off at your local women and children’s shelter.

Oh, and Janelle?  I expect you to bookmark this post and use it.  You pilfer The Stash one more time and I’ll tell your husband about the Red Velvet Cake ice cream you have hidden in the basement freezer.

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Carseat canopys are nice when you’re protecting baby from the elements, stray germs, dog’s noses, etc.  Order a FREE one from (these retail for between $20-$35.00) by using the code: MYSAVINGS at checkout.  You’ll need to pay shipping, around $11.00.  Click here to look at the different styles and colors.

Magazine subscriptions are a wonderful thing, especially for new parents.  I usually buy the latest issue and wrap it with a note that a year’s subscription is on the way.  Click here to order a year’s subscription of “Working Mother” magazine.

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All three of my babies lived in baby slings for the first year.  (Editor’s note: when I was desperate I used to sling both twins over my chest bandelero-style to get some housework done.)  Select a pretty baby sling FREE from by using the code: BABYSAVINGS at checkout.  You will need to pay shipping on the sling–about $11.00.  But, these slings usually run around $40.00, so it’s a good deal.  Click here to pick a style and order.

I’ve made pretty gift baskets with piles of free baby items and baby care samples and coupons. is excellent for sending a huge supply of baby goodies.  Click here to order. is another great resource for free goodies and supplies. Click hereto input the due date and start the stream of baby swag.

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Pick up a pretty nursing cover FREE from by using the code: BABYSAVINGS at checkout.  The covers retail between $40.00-$65.00, so this is good, but you will still need to pay shipping, around $11.00.  Click here to take a look at the styles and colors.


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