Flight Activities for Kids

Once in a while we have a day with no plans.
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I know; it’s a rare thing, but it does happen. To keep those days from slipping into mindless TV viewing or the constant chorus of “I’m bored,” I like to have a plan. My favorite way to plan is with a fun theme. These flight activities are just my thing.


Ring Glider Take 1” wide strips of paper, 7″and 10″ long and an ordinary drinking straw.  Tape the stripes into loops and then tape them onto the straw, one at each end. They flew surprisingly well, not too much distance, but they floated through the air better than some of my lame attempts at paper airplanes.

Papercopters Take a strip of 1″ x 10″ cardstock and fold it in half.  Fold a wing down on either side.  It works best if they are bent at an angle.  Slide a paper clip at the bottom for weight and you are ready to take flight!  Hold them high and let it drop.  Balconies work well too.

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Astronaut Training

Engage your kids (and the neighbors) in a fun relay race.

  • Run 15 feet
  • Jump rope 10 times
  • Bounce a ball 10 times
  • Catch a bean bag 10 times
  • Run back to their team to high five the next boy.

Reward their efforts with astronaut pudding.  Be warned: this is very messy!  Not the making, but the eating.  Put a Tablespoon of instant pudding mix in a Ziploc sandwich bag with a 1/4 cup of milk.  Zip the bag and let the kids squish it around for several minutes.  When thickens, cut a hole in the corner and let them suck out the pudding like an astronaut – no utensils.  This is where it gets messy.  Definitely do this outside, preferably on the grass.

There’s my plan to entertain the kiddos and let their imaginations soar! Share your flight inspired activities to round out the fun.

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