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Father's Day? We need dads who show up, not dads who just have fun.
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Father's Day makes me eye roll every year because EVERY FREAKING DAY IS FATHER'S DAY IN 21ST CENTURY AMERICA.

(To be fair, Mother's Day makes me eye roll too, because all I want to do on Mother's Day is to briefly forget I'm a mother for like 24 hours, okay?)

I'm not a dad hater. Dads are great! WE NEED DADS!

But dads are fun right? And moms are the serious ones who do all the laundry and make all the food and go to the parent/teacher conferences and the dentist and pediatrician, and make all the appointments and do basically all the things and then never sleep because they're up with the barfy kid or the nursing baby because Dad is a deep sleeper and he can't feed the baby or comfort the kid right anyway...

You know what? I need less of that. Less of the idea that dads are fun and moms do the work, and dads being totally okay with that.

I need more of the idea that moms and dads do the hard work together so dads, here's my challenge to you:

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Show up for the small stuff when you can, and find a way to make up for it when you can't. Your time matters more than anything else.

Get up with the barfy kid first, help make your kids lunch, go with them to the doctor, know who your kids' teachers are and when they go to the dentist. Take your kids right along with you when you go do the things that you need to do. For hell's sake, do you even know what size clothes your kids are wearing these days? Figure it out, this is stuff you should know!

Dads, it's time to earn your day back the right way. Be the guy who shows up and puts in the time. You can still be fun dad to the max, but be fun dad who also puts the kids to bed and doesn't stare at his phone during dinner too, mmkeh?

Time to make dads great again (and don't be scared because it's not that hard)!

Happy Father's Day, okay? We need you!


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