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Electric Lawn Mower Review + 5 Reasons Why I Chose One FOR MY KIDS!

Turns out EVERYONE wants to know about electric mowers. Our neighbors have asked to take it for a test drive. Total strangers have stopped us in front of our house asking what we really think.

Confession. We haven't had a lawn mower in years. I've been paying a couple of dudes to mow my lawn for years. I pull in my driveway on Fridays and there it is . . . fresh cut grass, everything edged, hauled away, the whole 9 yards. For years. 

BUT. I can't escape the fact that I've got able bodied tween/teenagers who need to know how to mow a lawn, make the lines fabulous, and take a little pride in their yard.

This year was the year. My husband and I meandered through the lawn mower section at Home Depot and I asked the guy working in that department what his recommendations were. I was shocked when he listed an electric mower as one of his top picks. I was skeptical. I drilled him on all of the mowers abilities. I knew that in a perfect world I'd want an electric mower but I wasn't sure if they'd come far enough that I was actually ready to commit. 

The mower the was recommended was an EGO Electric Lawn Mower. They stand out among mowers because they are all green and black {I mean, they look cool on top of being electric and everything). So I emailed the folks at EGO and asked to try one out. They sent us an EGO Power + 20" Electric Lawn Mower to review. 

Electric Lawn Mower Review

Turns out EVERYONE wants to know about electric mowers. Our neighbors have asked to take it for a test drive. Total strangers have stopped us in front of our house asking what we really think. 

Well - here's what we really think:

Electric Lawn Mower Review

Let's start with unboxing and assembly!

EGO Power + 20" Lawn Mower Unboxing

That was easy right? 

EGO Electric Lawn Mower Features

  • Ease of Use: From start to finish this mower is so simple. 
  • Battery Life: Fully charged in 30 minutes. The run time on a fully charged battery is 45 minutes. I swear to you it's longer than that. But 45 minutes is the official word. My son has done 3 yards front and back on one charge. 
  • Night Mowing: You're trying to wrap things up in the yard but the sun is going down. Your night vision can't totally do it. So you flip a switch and your lawn is illuminated. Yep, this thing has headlights. My husband was the first to discover this feature, and ran to get me from inside to show me his discovery. 
  • Long Grass: We waited until our grass was LONG. We wanted to know how the mower would deal with a big job. The mower didn't skip a beat. It didn't get jammed. It didn't seem to slow down. It reduced our jungle lawn to inches easily.
Ego Electric Mower Review
  • Wet Grass: A few weeks ago my son mowed the front yard right after the sprinklers had turned on. The grass was a bit long. The mower did get a bit bogged down. We turned the machine off, flipped it over, and quickly scraped out all of the wet grass that had stuck to the bottom. Light and easy to flip over and clean out AND no gas to worry about spilling as we flipped the mower over. 
  • Push Mower vs. Self Propelled Mower: This mower is NOT self propelled. You can check out their line of self propelled mowers HERE. The push mower is so easy to use and maneuver that I don't really feel like we need a self propelled mower. I didn't find the fact that it wasn't self propelled a downside. 

All of the above. SUPER EASY. 

5 Reasons I Chose An Electric Lawn Mower For My Kids

It's Time

You don't need to mow the lawn. You don't need to pay anyone else to mow your lawn. Your kids need to mow your lawn because that is the order of nature. 

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Easy To Start

You just pull the handle back and press a button. No one is ripping their arm off trying to start this thing.

No Handling Gasoline

  • I don't have to buy it
  • I don't have to store it
  • My kids don't have to handle it
  • Irrational fears about my kids blowing anything up are put to rest
  • When you need to turn the mower over there is no gasoline to spill

Enough said!

Light & Easy To Maneuver

My son thinks he can jog with it as he mows the lawn. My daughter (who's in the 5th percentile) can maneuver this mower like a champion. It has enough weight to feel substantial, but it moves easily and is easy to manage. That means they can get it out AND put it away. 

The Box

When you have kids, you know that a great box is a great bonus. Here's a shot of the one who's not quite old enough to mow the lawn yet:

The box

Bottom Line

Electric Lawn Mower vs. Gas Lawn Mower? Electric Lawn Mower ALL DAY LONG. I'm never going back. 

All electric. No emissions. No gas. No oil changes. Less maintenance. AND MY KIDS ARE DOING IT ALL. {Except that I really love to mow the lawn so I still sneak in a few turns}

You can check out EGO's full product line HERE. They are available on and my favorite place of all,!

Disclosure: I reached out to EGO to review the lawn mower, all opinions are my own

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