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Eco Friendly Pest Control In Salt Lake City

Eco Friendly Pest Control In Salt Lake City
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I’m paranoid. I’m paranoid about what’s in my kids food, the air that we breathe here in Salt Lake City, and paranoid about the cleaners and products I bring into my home.  But I still hate spiders. Like HATE them. A lot. I’d love to let their little natural habitats flourish with their little spider communities, but that will have to be in someone else’s home and yard.

We DO have an eco friendly pest control in Salt Lake City. Check out Alterra Pest Control.  Here’s why it’s important to use eco friendly pest control:

  • Most of their products are biologically and organically derived (i.e. no nasty fumigation or gases)
  • They specialize in products that are low impact to people, but high impact for pests. (one of their products is literally made from crushed up shells that cut up the little pests feet and you know . . . make them die)
  • Treatments are specially formulated based on the biological make up of insects
  • Alterra does targeted treatments versus broadcast treatments (no “baptizing” your yard with harsh chemicals)

I’ve been using them this year and one of the big differences (outside of the environmentally friendly piece) is that they search and destroy my wasp nests every time.  This is the first year in the 10 years we’ve lived here that we haven’t had any wasp problems.  They find nests that I haven’t even noticed and knock them out with each service. LOVE!

Seasonal Special

For those of you who’ve been shopping this around you’ll know it’s a good deal. Our neighborhood was swarming with pest control dudes knocking doors this summer and giving me their pitch.  Here’s a deal for our Utah Mama’s from Alterra Pest Control:

The first 10 callers who mention this post will receive their first service for FREE ($199 value). Everyone after will get hooked up with $100 off the initial visit. Both discounts given to anyone who gets on the Four Seasons Protection Plan. If you’re in Utah, call the Sandy branch 801-565-7378. Clickhereto check out locations all over the U.S.