Easy, no-mess Easter crafts

My niece slept over last night and I spent the evening doing Easter crafts with two 8 year olds and a precocious 4 year
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Here are some that worked well for us:

  • Drawing on marshmallows. Using food coloring markers, we colored on jumbo marshmallows.  This blog explains it perfectly. If we do this again, I will go to the trouble to order a big set of food coloring markers. (I happened to have 4 left over from a cookie decorating set.) I also will make sure to buy the JUMBO supersize marshmallows–they would give us more of a pallet. My 4 year old worked for a very long time drawing dots on the marshmallows. She thought this was amazing.
  • Crayon coloring on eggs. This is my favorite way to decorate Easter eggs because there is no messy dye or paint, and you can really add some detail. We used the marshmallow blog drawing templates to give us some ideas. If the eggs are still warm, the crayon melts on the eggs and gives it a nice effect. (However, this can also make it a little messy.)
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  • Peep flowers. The 8 year olds created this one. We cut a circle out of cardboard and covered it with paper and then they hot glued the peeps on. I like their pipe-cleaner stems.
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  • Egg hunt. After we ran out of crafts, I brought up the Easter baskets and empty plastic eggs from the basement, and they took turn hiding eggs from each other. This game lasted a good 30 minutes.  Who knew empty eggs (and a bunch of marshmallows) could be so much fun?