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Easter Basket Ideas For Less

Here are some Easter Basket ideas for less!
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Do you struggle every Easter to fill a nice Easter basket, for those of us who follow that tradition, without breaking the bank?  If your family is like mine, you still have Valentine’s, Christmas and maybe even Halloween candy hanging around your house, so a basket full of candy is not where I am going with this. However, here are some ideas that I am using this year:

Art Supplies: Michael’s Craft Store has a great line of art supplies called Artist’s Loft that are great for those who have outgrown Crayola, but not old enough to spend the big bucks for professional art supplies. A set of colored pencils (with white for my child who was telling me about tinting and shading) only set me back $3.24 when I used a 40% coupon that Michael’s emailed me!

Rainbow Loom Bands: You think that you have enough….never. These are wonderful because they will fit great in Easter eggs! I bought a few different colors and plan to split them up into smaller bags so that each of my three children get some of each color.

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Rainbow Loom Charms: I also found a great set of charms for my kids to use. I picked these because they are actually the clips used to end the bracelets so there won’t be anything hanging down. If you have young kids who can’t do the most complicated charms, you could also make them charms that will fit in Easter Eggs too. (DIY Mommy has a great tutorial for an Angry Bird charm.

Coupons: I found two great printable examples of this. Check them out at creative Geekery and Bits of Everything for a way to fill an Easter Egg with an experience that your child can cash in later on.

My final hint for Easter basket ideas…do a little scavenger hunt. Every Easter since my kids were old enough to understand, several of the eggs in their baskets have contained little clues that send them around the house looking for special items that don’t fit too well in baskets. I’ve used books, special boxes of sweet cereal (NOT a normal thing in my house!), kites, whatever your kids are into. The hunt makes it fun and special as do the rhyming clues (yes, I’m a nerd!). This is now something they look forward to every year.

Don’t forget a chocolate bunny though, if that is your tradition–it will be missed! Go the extra mile and find something special like a soccer bunny or a race car bunny. I find that Kroger has had a good selection in the past. I hope that these Easter Basket ideas are helpful. Have fun, and don’t forget to take pictures!

**Neither Michaels or Kroger paid me or is in any way affiliated with my blog post.


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