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East Bay Music Together at Lamorinda Music

East Bay Music Together at Lamorinda Music
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My almost 3 year-old son and 10 month-old daughter recently started the Fall Session of Music Together at Lamorinda Music in Lafayette, and let’s just say we are fans. It is not my son’s first exposure to Music Together; we did a class at the Lafayette Community Center when he was about 15 months old. This time around I was very excited to see how he would do as an older child and how my daughter would like it.

We walk in and are greeted by Miss Julia, a bubbly and energetic woman. You would not know it’s 9:30 in the morning. Her captivating smile welcomed us to the floor where we wrote our names down on nametags. A keyboard was in the center of the room which my daughter immediately began banging on. We did a welcome song where Miss Julia says every child’s name in the class and even though my daughter had already ripped her name tag off, Miss Julia sang her name! Julia must have an amazing memory. We did another few songs and then Miss Julia brought the box of bells out. Both my son and daughter lit up. Michael immediately grabbed one for himself and one for his sister. I also got one so I could join in the fun. After the bells, there was a box of instruments that was put onto the floor. My son immediately went for the drum and I grabbed my daughter a shaker which she immediately took a liking to. I looked around the room and the kids were just beaming with excitement each playing their instrument in their own way. Both my kiddos were captivated the entire class, it was amazing to watch.

Parent participation is part of East Bay Music Together’s requirement, so I have to bring my singing in the car skills to class. But there is no judgment there, and its fun to watch everyone participate. I am excited for the rest of the session to see what Miss Julia and East Bay Music Together have in store for us!

Click here to sign-up for a five week Introductory Session beginning October 15.

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