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Don’t Wait to Make a Family Portrait

Many Reasons for Dodging the Camera
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I am a momma who LOVES to takes pictures, and I have successfully driven my kiddos and everyone around me crazy with my camera.

However, when there is a family function I am the first one they call. Am I usually in the family images…no. But I like to tell everyone I am in every image anyway because you can usually see me in the reflection of their eyes 🙂

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But, on a serious note… I hear all kinds of excuses as to why someone doesn’t want to be in the family pictures. Usually, it’s ‘”I’m too fat,” “Lets wait until I look better,” “After I lose 25lbs,” or  “If you can’t photoshop my head on someone else’s body, I’ll won’t do it!”

There Will NEVER be a ‘Perfect’ Time to Plan a Family Portrait…Do it Today!

I hate to be morbid, but you don’t know what tomorrow holds. TODAY is the time to do the portrait. I have started telling my clients they aren’t doing this for them, they are doing it for their children. Their children need to have these images set in time so they can remember….and it doesn’t matter if you’re skinny, not tan enough, or you hate your hairstyle. Your children don’t see any of that anyway. They just see the person they LOVE.

Families are changing daily.  I can think of one family that sadly had a child pass away.  And one family has a daughter in college and she will be spreading her wings very soon and leaving the nest. Another family comes to mind that has added two children in the last two and a half years.

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Make A Visual Timeline of Your Family Again and Again

My own family has changed drastically. In 2010 we did beach portraits, and the very next year we added a bouncing baby boy, NINE whole years after my 2nd son was born. I was not expecting to have another child ever. I love my family portraits with just the four of as much as I do with the five of us. It shows the progression of growth and the beauty of change.

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This family image has our newest addition and my TWIN sister and her husband 🙂  You can make your family portrait anything you want it to be. My sister and I get together about every year or so for a picture.

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There is Never a Good Reason to Put Off Making a Family Portrait

So don’t’ wait another minute! Book that family portrait even if you don’t like how you look. It’s not all about you. I mean IT IS…but it’s also all about them …

One more thing.  A family isn’t just about a Mom and a Dad…it’s YOUR family YOUR way. Don’t shy away from pictures with your kids because you don’t have the perfect family unit. Dads should take pics with their kids, and Moms too. Find a photographer you love, or use your own camera, but please get in a picture with your kids. They will appreciate your efforts for years to come.




Parents live for that sh*t. It’s so worth the wait.

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