Do You Get Lots of Mosquito Love? Here’s Clues to Why – and What to Do.

Find out what really attracts mosquitos….and which mosquito repellants really work.
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All my life, I have been plagued by mosquitos.  If I’m in a group of people at a BBQ, I tell everyone they are safe from getting bitten, because the mosquitos will be swarming yours truly and ignoring them.  My husband affectionately calls me his best mosquito repellant.

But even though I have had the proof that mosquitos love me disproportionately to everyone in my immediate circle (proof being the number of bites I get relative to everyone else), I’ve always wondered why.  My mom has always told me they love me because I am so sweet.  I am using that explanation now with one of my own sons, who seems to have inherited my mosquito magnetism.  (Don’t you just love moms – and being a mom?)  But that question has never really been satisfactorily answered.

Now has put together some of the latest research for us in what truly attracts mosquitos.  Turns out that not a lot is known yet beyond a few big causes (lactic acid and carbon dioxide).  They also have the run-down on repellants that work and which are just old wives-tales.  (Quiz – Is Avon Skin-so-Soft is really as powerful a repellant as you’ve heard?)

Read all about it on WebMD’s Are You a Mosquito Magnet?


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