Displaying Your Child’s Artwork

If you’re a mom to young kids, like me, you probably have a gazillion masterpieces lovingly created by little hands.
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Between school and church, it seems like they just keep coming!  Sometimes these masterpieces end up overtaking the fridge.  Sometimes they make their way to a frame.  Sometimes they end up in a pile as you debate where to put them, because you really don’t want to throw them away!  I’ve done all of the above.

For me, it’s important to display my kid’s artwork somehow.  I want them to know I am proud of them, proud of their effort, and so very appreciative that they gave their special picture to me.  However, I also don’t like clutter or piles that stay piles for a long period of time.  So here are some of my creative solutions for all of the above!

When the fridge became too small, I went to another alternative that I just LOVE!  I like to call it the Price Family Valance.  Here’s the supply list to make your own family valance.

  • Hooks or clothes pins.  I picked some silver hooks at a yard sale, the dignitet hooks from Ikea.  I love them but you could actually use anything that will hold a picture.
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  • Yarn or string.  I believe Ikea also sells a silver wire to go with the dignitet set.
  • Nails or tacks.
  • Lots and lots of precious artwork.
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I call it a valance, because I strung it in my kitchen over the top of the window like a valance.  I used tacks to hold it up, so I had the kids color some circles to hide the ugly tack.  The kids were so excited to see their art proudly displayed for all to see.  And I smile every time I walk into the kitchen and see what my munchkins have created.

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Optional Idea

If you’re feeling extra creative, you could even have the kids decorate clothes pins specifically for their art pieces.

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I also mentioned that I don’t like clutter, so I came up with a solution that I am happy with.  Throughout the year, I keep my favorite pieces and store them in a small plastic container (I like to use the scrapbook paper holders found at Michael’s).  The ones I decide to toss…I first take a picture of each one so that I have some record of it.  I label the photo with the date so I can put it in the kid’s scrapbook.  It’s a system that is working wonders for me!

Does anyone else have any other creative ideas out there that we can all glean from?  If so, please share!


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