Decorate Plastic Easter Eggs

There are all sorts of ways to decorate plastic Easter eggs
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It is a great alternative to buying them pre-decorated and a fun craft for the kids.

Paint the Plastic Eggs

This way was my favorite, although it was very messy! We used Acrylic Paints and Puff Paints. We probably should have sealed the acrylic paints on with a coat of Decoupage but we were a little lazy. The acrylic paint can scratch off, but then you can have fun repainting them next year!

Decorate Plastic Eggs with Stickers

These ones weren’t as fun, mostly because our sticker collection is lacking. It is a great way to revive cheap eggs that don’t stay closed though!

Decorate Plastic Eggs with Duct Tape

This was a little more fun than the stickers because it takes a little more creativity. I am a little bit crazy about my scissors and if you are like me be sure to use an old crappy pair of scissors because the tape is not good for them! The cute duct tapes would make this even better, but it is a great cross between painting your own design and putting stickers on. Plus, it’s less messy!

If you wanted to get more creative you could paint duct tape and put that on the eggs! Do you decorate your plastic Easter eggs?