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It's 5:30pm and you're hustling up to the door of your child's daycare.

By now you have the route memorized, no need to look up from your last few emails and texts before snagging the kiddo and heading home for dinner—new day, same routine.

And then, SLAM.

Your head bounces off the glass of the typically-open door and you're unexpectedly presented with this message:


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What's your reaction??

This daycare notice was originally posted by Juliana Mazukewicz on Facebook after seeing it at her own child's daycare. And the reactions were plentiful, to say the least.

The 12,000+ (!!) comments range from super supportive, or at least understanding, to telling the daycare off for being condescending and telling parents how to parent.

What do you think? Reality check or check around for a new daycare??


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