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Cutting your kids hair

Do you dare? I dare!
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I’ve done it, not the best at times, but I am honest and tell people that I cut my kids hair. I am not a professional by any means but I can’t see spending anywhere from $20-$40 in cutting my kids hair that takes all of 10 minutes. My oldest had his 1st hair cut at 2 months old (he was a hairy little guy), then again at 3 years old. That hair cut made me teary…. he wasn’t my little one anymore.

How do I get them to hold still? I cut their hair after they bathe, I comb their hair up (it makes them look like wolverine) they think it’s funny, then I have them brush their teeth. They sit there for about 5 minutes and I just trim away. My husband uses the trimmer and then the kids get Mohawks. It works, they look cute and it saves me the time and effort to drive out to get their hair cuts and it saves money. I trim them up once a week that way it keeps them still, the longer the hair gets the longer the hair cut. Saving money one “snip” at a time.

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